Pricing for Astrological Consultations

To order a reading, Go to the services page and follow the instructions there.

How the session will go: we will spend time discussing your astrology chart, the areas of focus and relevant timings. With chart information and forecasts, you will receive the information and insights you most need at the time.

What you can expect: Astrology is tool that will give you insights that help you make sense of life in large and small ways. Natal charts can explain the bumps in the road of life already traveled. You’ll find freedom from the “probable” future to an exciting new “possible” future. 

Where the session will take place: Either in person in Santa Fe, NM, by Skype or over the phone. Your session will be recorded and an MP3 file is provided.

Service Session Length Price
Natal Chart 60 minutes $225
*Vastu Consult. 90 minutes $250
Relationship 90 minutes $250
*Year ahead 60 minutes $175
Muhurta 45 minutes $155
Prasna 45 minutes $155

*Must have a natal chart reading previous to consultation

Appointment Policies and Disclaimer

Appointments are charged at time of booking and are nonrefundable unless 48 hours notice is given by phone to reschedule or cancel your appointment. Paypal is accepted. Money orders, bank or personal checks must be received prior to scheduled consultations.

Via email you will receive a courtesy recording of your consultation. The interpretations of these consultations are based on Vedic astrology, an ancient system that can give profound insights into life. An astrological reading can indicate a probable future, and what will be noted is the possible future that you have the power to create. The consultation should not be taken as absolute fact, nor should it ever replace common sense.

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