Dear Mickey,

I think about all that I'm thankful for; your sage advice is on top of the list. I can't express in words how much your reading of my chart, along with your wisdom, helped me through one of the toughes periods of my life. I will never forget you telling me, "not to do anything major or make any serious decisions until August 28". And I took your advice and now it seems like the tough times were just a bad dream. 

Thank you thank you thank you.



After 40 years of working with astrologers from around the world, I have found that Mickey McKay offers the most profound, creative and exacting interpretation of the interaction of the planets and beyond. Mickey can hone the core of my chart and then apply a sensitive, lively reading. All while providing me with a view of my world and life that leaves  me with a solid foothold on to the complexities of my sixth decade on earth. I can't imagine my--or my family's--life without her insight into the patterns that emerge.

Her knowledge of the creative and profound world of Vedic Astrology is par none. When she is looking at my chart.. her mathematical mind mixes with the esoteric world of astrology and becomes one with MY story as relates to the world at large.  

Truly --Mickey is a master of reading your life's cycles. And through brilliant, spot-on interpretation--provide you with paths that intersect---for you to choose --or not. In the end it is up to us. But having an astrologer--especially a Vedic Astrologer--with the intelligence and sensitivity of Mickey Mckay--you will have doors opening that others' will miss. Truly remarkable.

Carol Baumgartel

When I think about Mickey Mckay, words like compassion, kindness, generosity, and empowerment come to mind. 

When Mickey McKay delivers a horoscope reading, she presents it in a manner that is safe for me to hear. She doesn't skip over the issues that I don't want to hear; she delivers the message delicately with integreity. We end the reading where she empowers me in the areas of our concern.

Nancy Stohn

Astrology's been my interest for almost about 25 years. by any means, I don't live my life by what my chart shows, I take it as a map that I can explore in the way of self betterment. That said, I studied and turn to western astrology, till I've met Mickey. OH BOY, get ready for opening your mind and soul to another realm! Vedic astrology is much more exciting, detailed and informative. My reading with Mickey was full of jaw dropping moments and intrigue. Her passion for eastern astrology and her knowledge left me speachles, and that is hard to do, if you know me.. It also made me curious about learning , reading more about eastern philosophies. What a treat that was, I can't say enough about Mickeys deep knowlege and her passion in this realm, it made me happy, excited and curious. Reading with Mickey is a treat like your favorite soul food. 

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My reading with Mickey was the most accurate and profound reading I have ever experienced. 

It was such an awesome feeling to see the truth behind every statement mentioned in my reading with Mickey. The accuracy level was just superb. 

Truly a blessing to have such a master of astrology available. 

Steve Rose

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