Vastu Consultations by Mickey McKay in Santa FeVastu consultations  - Incorporating your chart for powerful living takes into account your energetic attributes and your interaction with your home or business environment. Could your bedroom be located in a quadrant that enhances work and service? Are you cooking where you should be bathing? 

Vastu is India’s ancient Vedic tradition of design and architecture. Vastu principles enhance and enliven our live and work environments by working in alignment with earth’s natural forces. Vastu design improves the beauty, functionality and comfort of constructed buildings which in turn increases our sense of inner peace and well-being.

We look at the strengths of the planets in the various houses, and are able to see which directions; east, west, north and south are capable of producing good results based on the natural function of the planet.

Blending the information of the chart with the classic principles of Vastu results in an individual connecting with the heart center of their personal space.

By mapping a personal chart on a floor plan and using various mathematical calculations, you can begin to understand the flow or block of energy.



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