Ganesh - Vedic Natal Chart Readings with Mickey McKayNatal chart readings give insight for managing growth and change. Timing is everything! Astrology always points us inward. Inward means personally relevant. Astrology is the bridge between the inner and the outer, between the mundane world and what we go through as living, growing humans on our journey here.

We look at a general delineation of certain features of the natal chart and apparent themes in life and bring together the information to gain a greater understanding of one’s life direction and purpose. Confirming the strengths and challenges indicated by the energetics of the planets, we get a clear definition of the time periods that are likely to be most productive and beneficial or problematic for certain types of activities.

The information enables a person to have a more complete understanding of the inner workings of their life and the underlying patterns of fate that are built into it. Moving forward, one will engage life with a greater sense of purpose and meaning.

You will gain insight into your relationship traits, family dynamics, life direction and purpose, financial trends and health focus.



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