Astrology's been my interest for almost about 25 years. by any means, I don't live my life by what my chart shows, I take it as a map that I can explore in the way of self betterment. That said, I studied and turn to western astrology, till I've met Mickey. OH BOY, get ready for opening your mind and soul to another realm! Vedic astrology is much more exciting, detailed and informative. My reading with Mickey was full of jaw dropping moments and intrigue. Her passion for eastern astrology and her knowledge left me speachles, and that is hard to do, if you know me.. It also made me curious about learning , reading more about eastern philosophies. What a treat that was, I can't say enough about Mickeys deep knowlege and her passion in this realm, it made me happy, excited and curious. Reading with Mickey is a treat like your favorite soul food. 

oriental rugs 
1512 pacheco street, suite c-203
santa fe, nm 87505
505-490 2324 c
505-780 8911 w

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