Geocentric diagram model of the solar systemWe all know what day it is, but do you know the background of the day itself? In Vedic astrology, the seven major planets are listed in the order of the days that they rule.

  • The Sun - Sunday
  • The Moon - Monday
  • Mars - Tuesday
  • Mercury - Wednesday
  • Jupiter - Thursday
  • Venus - Friday
  • Saturn - Saturday

People with certain planets dominate in their Vedic chart will respond better to the day ruled by that Planet. For example, if your Lagna or ascendant is Cancer, the Moon and Monday will energize you. If your Sun is in the sign of Libra and strong, Sunday and the fall of the year will be advantageous for you. The planets also rule colors. To live in greater harmony with the essence of the planets and strengthen them in your chart, wear the colors they represent.

  • The Sun: red, gold and orange
  • The Moon: white and white shades of pink, blue and green (watery colors)
  • Mars: red and coral red and jet black
  • Mercury: emerald green and mild greens, blues, grays and browns (earth colors)
  • Jupiter: yellow, orange and gold
  • Venus: rainbow colors and pastels and pink
  • Saturn: dark blue
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