The symbol for Aries is a Ram. Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of initiative and and assertion. Not know for patience, Aries will courageously pioneer the shortest distance between two points. A forceful character, Aries exhibits executive leadership. They can be adversarial, impetus and direct. Aries loves adventure and physical exercise and competition.

The symbol for Taurus is a Bull. Taurus is ruled by Venus, representing luxury, the best in food and wine, beauty and refinement. Taurus is productive, skilled in business, responsible and reliable. Always practical and never afraid of hard work, Taurus will can become obsessed with accumulating that which they feel gives them security. At times, this sign can become stubborn and uncompromising.

The symbol for Gemini are twins, ruled by Merciry and famous for the duality and love of new experiences as well as its role as communicator. Gemini is entertaining and versatile with a focus on thinking. Several of Gemini’s natural skills include writing, debating; being congenial, joyous, inventive and an impressive conversationalist. At times, Gemini may be indecisive, hasty or caught up in conflicts or dilemmas, usually of their own making.

The symbol for Cancer is the Crab, ruled by the Moon. Crabs gather and support, as in the home and family. Cancer is a nurturing sign with a very emotional nature, supportive, protective and an intuitive teacher. Cancer is endowed with a good imagination and is intuitive. At times the Crab can become opinionated, domineering and overly sensitive and jealous.

They sometimes are moody and prone to worry although they are encouraged by kindness and appreciate correction.

The symbol for Leo is the Lion, ruled by the Sun. Leo is the King, the center of the universe! Leo represents leadership ability, fame, power, wealth and sucess. Ruled by the Sun, Leo wants to shine and be noticed. Everything about Leo can be likened to the traits we admire; dignified, famous, self-promoter, loyal and trustworthy, gifted in the performing arts, honorable and respected. At times, Leo may be indifferent, obstinate, arrogant and vain.

The symbol is a young Maiden, ruled by Mercury, skilled in letters, numbers and measuring. The focus for Virgo is to serve and to improve their interests to their ideal state, being a proponent of exactness to detail. Virgo is sensitive, schedule oriented, methodical, analytical and with an interest in the healing arts.The nature is gentle, somewhat shy and with a love of the natural environment. Challenges are a sensitive nervous system and digestive issues.

The symbol of Libra is a balancing scales, ruled by Venus. The focus of Libra is on harmony and is considered the sign for political power and leadership. Libra is skillful in business and trade, resulting in career success. It is also a social sign as being ruled by Venus and has a sensual nature; a flair for fashion, graceful, lives in comfort and loves to travel in foreign lands. Libra sometimes avoids conflict or responsibility, is chameleon like, charmingly manipulative and has a dual personality.

The symbol for Scorpio is the Scoprion. Scorpio has an intense, forceful nature with the need for excitement. By nature, Scorpio is seductive, secretive and has a deep interest in the occult. Scorpio is highly intuitive, has a healing capacity useful for work in medicine or hospice settings. A critical, possessive, controlling or overworked individual may have difficulty in partnership situations. The eighth sign of the Zodiac, Scorpio is a metaphysical student, highly intuitive with a deep spiritual base.

The symbol is the Archer or Centaur. This sign strives for freedom and fairness. Sagittarius is aspiring, idealistic, optimistic, independent and philosophical. Natural abilities are suited for a humanitarian career, athletics, writing and teaching. Travel is important as well as parenting. Challenges are learning patience, the need for budgeting and learning discrimination in various matters.

The symbol is a Crocodile. Career oriented, hard working and ambitious are typical Capricorn traits. There is good organizational ability, a conservative nature, patience and perseverance in any task. A collector of old and beautiful articles, one is fond of ancient traditions. As Capricorn is true to friendships throughout life, they can feel also feel unappreciated, be critical and detached. 

The symbol is a man carrying a water pot. Aquarius believes in the ideal, being a service oriented, humanitarian working within groups and organizations. This sign is unselfish, humane, intuitive and has a scientific, philosophical nature. They are gifted in writing and teaching however they may appear aloof or secretive. Success is generally later in life. The opposite side of this talent is that one does not recognize the value of their talents and tends toward isolation and depression.

The symbol is two fish swimming in opposite directions. Pisces is spiritual, psychic, sensitive and emotional. Pisces is romantic with a love of travel and a need to live near water. They independent, charitable and imaginative - needing an intelligent partner. Pisces are excellent teachers, counselors or priests as they are inspiring, sympathetic and socially skilled. Issues may be those of jealousy, indecision and a lack of confidence.

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