“Fate and Free Will” - or “Mastery of Your Karmic DNA”

Your Vedic horoscope reflects your talents and abilities, relationship skills, finances, spiritual inclinations, health, strengths, shortcomings and more. When calculated, your Vedic natal horoscope is a snapshot of what you’ve accumulated during your numerous past births. Using planetary cycles for timing of events, we pinpoint the karmas you’ll actually experience in your present life. While Western astrology offers an analysis of personality, Vedic astrology offers specific details about your future!


JULY FORECAST - Transiting Jupiter in Sidereal Cancer

Jupiter in Cancer from June 13th through July 2015 is a blessing for all. During this period, Jupiter does not make any challenging aspects with the malefic energy of Saturn, Rahu or Ketu. 

Here are possible effects of Jupiter’s transit in the constellation of Cancer. To determine house placement of Cancer in your chart, calculate your horoscope online at my website: https://vedicastrology.us.com

The month of June promises to carry us beyond the influence of the recent eclipses and harsh planetary configurations. Saturn, the planet of hard work and, often delays is still exalted in Libra where it will gives the rewards of accomplishment for a job well done. Venus modifies Saturn as he transits through the constellations of Aries and into Taurus mid month. In his own constellation of Taurus, Venus favors artistic ventures, brings stability to relationships as well as prosperity.

This article was written for Natural Awakenings Magazine.

Given the April Lunar and Solar eclipses, those with Sun, Moon or ascendant in Aries or Libra (Lunar eclipse on 4/14 – 1 degree Libra. Sun eclipse on 4/29 – 14 degrees Aries) may have experienced unexpected changes with new developments that could alter the status quo. The main effect is on the psyche which encourages you to take steps to change your physical reality. If you have natal planets within 5 degrees of the eclipse points, you will experience the impact on the houses ruled by the planets and their significations. (Lunar eclipse on 4/14 – 1 degree Libra. Sun eclipse on 4/29 – 14 degrees Aries)

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