Relationships are a hot topic in 2014. The karmic north node, Rahu and Saturn, the planet of structure, responsibility and delays, continue to activate Libra, a sign about partnerships and justice. This energetic emphasis provides a collective call to focus on integrity within relationships.

Venus, the ruler of Libra will enter the constellation of Pisces on April 27th and remain therein until May 23d. Venus is exalted in the constellation of Pisces; being Venus' most powerful placement. Venus will create conditions of love and connectedness, which are the foundations of diplomacy. Venus in Pisces will aspect Mars in the opposite constellation of Virgo and gradually begin to avert Mars' tendency toward heated conflict. Mars will be transiting Virgo until mid-July. Mars in Virgo energizes our need to take action in terms of our health practices.

Irrespective of the planetary weather, you have made it through the April eclipses intact and you should feel more optimistic as we enter May with Venus exalted.

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