The wheel of rebirth which carries us from life to death and back again is the zodiac. The planets or “grahas” are the force which forces our soul back into yet another physical body to deal with our leftover karma. For those of us who believe the cycle of rebirth is real, it’s extremely important to study our charts closely, carefully evaluating our strengths and challenges, and to prepare ourselves for the planetary cycles we will experience. The events destined to occur for us in this lifetime are what are revealed in the birth chart.

Planetary cycles are determined by the degree of your Moon at birth which sets the wheel of our unique destiny in motion. The zodiac is divided into 360 degrees and within the 12 signs of 30 degrees each there are further divisions which give detailed information about the ruling planetary energies. A particular planet that rules the position of the Moon, will in essence, become the general contractor of your life for a given number of years highlighting specific events. In the Vedic chart, there are 12 areas of various topics (houses) from self to family to emotional happiness to partners to career as well as health, finances and purpose in life and others.

The theories of Karma and reincarnation may rattle the core of your current beliefs but the mystical science of Vedic astrology is not about belief. It is about testing the claims and experiencing the results in our own lives, being able foresee the challenges and opportunities ahead. When we recognize that the destiny which controls our life is the one we created ourselves, then we have choice in the matter.

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